Galón - Passion for trimmings
Galón - Passion for trimmings

Galón - Passion for trimmings

Step by step


Trimmings step by step with galón

As experts in interior design, galon proposes a wide selection of the finest and most contemporary elements.
Braid.- It is a tape in different wide applied to adorn in cushions, curtains and upholstery. Large range of colours and designs are available. Braid
Gimp.- Narrowed version of the braid to be used to cover the nail-head or staples on upholstery. Also used on lamp-shades and upholstered walls. Gimp
Fringe.- It is composed from a heading to be adhered to the surfaces of the decorated areas, fine tassels made of wood, crystal, leather pom-poms and feathers enlighten as an ideal complement of the most colourful and contemporary ambiences. also available moss fringes, croos-over and bullion fringes. Fringe
Cord.- Available with or without tape in a large range of colours and styles are the perfect finishing for cushions and upholstery. Cord
Key-tassel.- Tassel to be hanged from keys and to be used to embellish armoires, doors, cabinets and available in different sizes and styles. Key-tassel
Tie-back.- By using it is the finest way to hold back curtains. Available in a wide variety: one tassel, double tassel or rope and colours / compositions. Tie-back
Borders.- The best finishing for wallpapers, curtains and fabrics. Borders